• Empowering the Community

    Capturing the growing demand to benefit area residents

  • Controlling Truck Traffic

    Dedicating a “closed loop” to keep trucks off local roads

  • Partnering with Elwood

    Building meaningful relationships and career opportunities

  • Generating Economic Growth

    Providing long-term economic benefits to the community

  • No Risk to Taxpayers

    Bringing risk-free investment to Village and taxpayers

    Empowering the Community

    More warehousing and distribution are going up along the Route 53 Corridor to meet the demand created by the UP and BNSF facilities. The Village of Elwood has an opportunity to capture this demand to benefit area residents.

    • During the last 10 years, Will County has experienced a 138 percent growth in freight, compared to: Chicago (10 percent); Kansas City (9 percent); Los Angeles (4 percent); and Memphis (3 percent).
      • Recent expansion efforts at the BNSF Logistics Park in Elwood added five strip tracks and state-of-the-art equipment to improve efficiency and capacity. BNSF recently expanded, increasing the number of lifts by 50 percent to 1.5 million lifts annually from 1 million shipping containers passing through the area.
      • Since opening in 2010, the Union Pacific’s Global IV Terminal in south Joliet has reached its full capacity, more than quadrupling its number of lifts annually from 118,461 in 2010 to 499,306 in 2016. The terminal has reached its capacity and plans to expand the intermodal are under way.
    • Expansion at the intermodals means more volume, more trucks and more demand for warehousing along the Route 53 Corridor. As a result, more commercially zoned property and warehouse development are surrounding Village borders to the north and east, and more is needed to meet the demand. Larger warehouses are popping up closer to Elwood on Route 53.
    • By annexing vital unincorporated land into Elwood east of Route 53, the Village benefits from long-term revenue and new projects that align with the needs of the community.
    • NorthPoint is working with Village officials to ensure safe design, construction and operations.

    We are committed to listening to the community and welcome your feedback to hear your ideas, concerns and needs.

    Unprecedented Growth in Freight

    The freight industry in Will County has experienced a 138 percent growth during the past decade – far more than other major metropolitan areas.

    Controlling New Development

    As other communities grow toward Elwood and the UP and BNSF facilities continue to expand – creating more demand for warehousing, distribution and light manufacturing – Elwood has an opportunity to strategically capture this demand, benefit from the development and keep trucks off local roads.