NorthPoint Development is a different kind of partner. Our core values inspire us to put people first, live generously, be accountable and do the right thing. Our approach is to be fair and abide by the Golden Rule.

Live Generously

We belive have an obigation to give back to the community through efforts and, as a token of our appreciation to those who have helped us succeed, we will pay it forward.

Maintain our financial Discipline

We will approch every deal with an appropriate margin of safety and never stretching for a deal or becoming greedy.

Core Values

Do the right thing every time

As we conduct our busines, we will operate with the highest integrity and we shall strive to live by the Golden Rule.

Put People first

The relationsships with our customers, employees, and investors are out most valuable assets, We will strive to always take care of each other and to operate our business so that we maintain our culture of appreciation, respect, transparency, and we shall avoid office politics.

Take ownership of every situation

Every individual shall take ownership, be accountable, and take responsibility while avoiding blame, excuses, and denial. We will always strive to admit, learn, and grow from failure and mistakes.

We live by the motto “Beyond the Contract,” which represents our commitments beyond the dotted line. We’re with you every step of the way – from the vision and design to construction and operations. And our work is never done. We are a dedicated partner and are committed to being a responsible neighbor.

We are a privately held development firm based in Kansas City. Our focus is on Class A development in the industrial, senior housing and self-storage markets within the central part of the United States. We are currently active in 11 states, including: Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Missouri, Kansas, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas and Florida.

Our team’s broad experience enables us to create long term value to our clients through smart real estate decisions. We further distinguish ourselves through a strong engineering and technical focus, including in-house industrial architects, civil, geotech, electrical and industrial process engineers as well as team members with deep expertise in logistics.

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