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1,600 annual construction jobs

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I Support Compass Business Park

As a proud union member, I strongly support Compass Business Park, which is a major asset for Joliet, a responsible solution for the area, and an economic engine that will help people and families.

The $1.2 billion private investment will create up to 1,600 construction jobs annually for several years and thousands of full-time jobs. It will also require infrastructure upgrades, paid for by the developer, throughout the area that will lead to even more steady jobs and serve to complement to the new Houbolt Road bridge.

It will also mean significant revenue for the City, community and schools.

Most importantly, Compass Business Park is an opportunity for Joliet to build on its leadership position and commitment to making our roads safer. This master-planned approach, coupled with private investment in transportation infrastructure will reduce the adverse impact of truck traffic on local roads, I-80 and I-55.

The bottom line: Will County is home to America’s largest inland port, which will continue to grow in container traffic. I applaud the City of Joliet for understanding this reality and for doing something to help the community and make our roads safer.

Thank you for considering this proposal. We encourage you to SAY YES to Compass Business Park.


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I Support Compass Business Park

Compass Business Park is a responsible solution that will contain trucks and keep them off local roads through an innovative closed loop truck network.

The direct connection between the intermodals and the park would reduce the growth in truck traffic on I-80 and I-55 by containing the back and forth transport of the containers. Warehouses recently built and under development on Rt. 53 today place 100% of their truck traffic on Rt. 53. This has to stop.

Compass Business Park will also provide many benefits to the community, including much needed tax revenue, which will enhance our communities and improve our schools – without costing additional tax dollars.

Finally, as a supporter of our active military, of our veterans and of all of our military families who support them, I strongly encourage you to help solve the traffic challenges that have affected the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery. NorthPoint has also offered to work with the cemetery to develop, construct and install turnarounds, barriers and wayfinding signage.

Just “Saying No” is not a solution. I support Compass Business Park!