August 18, 2017

Update: NorthPoint Announces New Benefits, Warns of Misinformation

Dear Neighbor,

As part of our continued effort to keep you informed about Compass Business Park, we want you to know about the new community benefits we presented at this week’s Elwood village board meeting.

Patrick Robinson outlined plans for $170 million in new tax revenue, including $117 million for local schools, 400 acres of open space, more than 10,000 new trees and 5.5 miles of recreational trails. He answered questions and spoke to residents at the meeting.

The community deserves an honest and open discussion. We have always welcomed the opportunity to be fully vetted and have had hundreds of individual meetings with residents, whether they support the project or not. In that spirit, we wanted to alert you to a concern that has recently come to our attention involving someone who has been claiming to be a journalist in the community.

This person has contacted Elwood officials, other government agencies, community members and others seeking information about NorthPoint Development and our proposal for Compass Business Park. We want you to know that we can find no information to support his contention that he is a working journalist.

The individual – who goes by Chris Harbison – appears to have created a website in the past week touting credentials and an employment history that don’t check out. The website is still active at

It is unclear who or what entity is behind this.

We have always worked openly with the media. After becoming aware of his questionable tactics and trying to speak directly with this person, we requested the assistance of a nationally known corporate security firm to determine if the identify of “Harbison” could be verified. On Friday, the firm informed us that its research did not find a single article or social media presence for any journalist going by that name. Furthermore, the firm states that their research to date has uncovered no electronic information that Christopher Harbison exists.

We want you to know about this concerning information because we have made an effort to have an open dialogue with the community and have always been willing to answer questions from residents, public officials and any legitimate member of the media. We are focused on answering your questions and addressing your concerns about our project. We are working diligently to gain your input and incorporate your ideas and those of experts who know the community.

We consulted with area economic experts and planners and we hired the same firms that created the Safe Roads Illinois campaign. We share and embrace the community tenets of safe, smart and sensible growth and keeping our communities and roads safe.

We are committed to keeping you informed. If you have any questions, just ask us.